Braids or Box Braids, are braids with the addition of wicks of different types. Are you a hair braiding fan ? Looking to add length and color to your hair with African braids? Discover our Lacewig Paris collection of african braids, crochet braid and add !

African Braids


Some men love women who wear African braids! Embellish your style and bring originality!

  • waterfall braid,
  • braided bun,
  • Epi braid,
  • braid crown,
  • Vanilla braids…

african hair braiding

african box braids

And yes, the braided haircut is one of the most ancient! Add braiding locks to have an atypical haircut! More lengths to your braids, give free rein to your creativity! Super trendy, it is back in fashion once again!

What are African braids called?

Braids, also called Box Braids, are braids completed with locks of different types (straight locks, curly locks, etc.).

What are bonded braids called?

African braid, glued braid, inverted French braid, dutch braid... Many names, however, represent essentially the same thing: hair braided on the skull.

What is the difference between a mat and a braid?

A braid or plait is a way of assembling hair, threads or bundles of threads by intertwining. It is used, among other things, in the manufacture of ropes. The most common braid is an interlacing of three threads or thread bundles.

African braids