Hairdressing equipment

Hairdressing equipment 

Are you a barber, hairdresser (hairdresser) or a hairdresser? Do you usually cut your friends' hair? You are in the right place !

Discover a men's shaving set, straight razor, small electric razor, shavette blade, barber razor and beard trimmer




Handpicked by experts such as barbers, professional hairdressers and hairdressing engineer. Combine the quality of the tools on their longevity as well as on their efficiency and cutting precision.

Why use professional hairdressing equipment? In which situation to use barber equipment? For whom are these materials designed?



Matériel Barbier

Our collection called Materiel Barbier lists the best hairdressing tools on the market. Our hairdressing expert collaborators confirm our choices in order to guarantee the quality of our products. Whether you are a hairdressing apprentice or a professional hairdresser, you can be sure that your equipment will be of high quality.


Hairdressing equipment