Pochoir Barbe

Beard Stencil

A beard stencil, beard liner, is a beauty accessory for men that allows you to trace the contours of the beard when shaving. Men in general shave their beard, for regular maintenance, every 3 days. It is an essential shaving tool for shaving the neck, cheeks, collar but especially for beard contours.

When a man has an eye for detail and he loves sharp edges, doing the contours yourself quickly, the beard contour liner is perfect for its speed of execution and its sharpness.


How to use beard stencil


Some stencils double as a beard comb. It's the accessory you can take with you everywhere. It is also famous in the United States, like the toothbrush, it is a style.

The benefits of using a beard stencil

  1. Perfection ! A well symmetrical beard line,
  2. Avoid multiple failed contouring attempts,
  3. Works with small to medium hair,
  4. Forget the difficulty of this precision exercise as well as the looks on your beard.

Contour liner: a symmetrical and well-groomed face!

How to Use Beard Stencil

How to use a beard stencil ?

Use a 0 mm trimmer in case of sensitive skin), a safety razor, or a straight razor called a shavette for shaving enthusiasts. The most important thing is to have the lines of the same shape and at the same height on both sides.

Beard Stencil