Shaving Apron

Shaving Apron

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    Are you looking for a Hairdressing apron? More specifically for Barber? A shaving apron with classy colors and style?


    Check out this beautiful Shaving Apron! This black shaving apron will accompany you during your hairdressing sessions! Practical and adjustable, you will look like a professional hairdresser directly.

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    • 1 Shaving apron for Barber, Hairdresser or Hairdressing Apprentice
    • 1 zip pocket
    • 1 pocket: Porter Cabbage cutter, hair razor, hairdressing scissors..
    • 2 handles in sober and luxurious colors
    • Adjustable shaving apron at the lower back to ensure a firm hold
    • Gender: Designed for a man's size
    • Type of fabric: Canvas
    • Shaving apron size: 80 cm high * 60 cm wide

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    This shaving apron is an excellent companion for hairdressing professionals. Barber Shop barbers love this type of apron. Our stock is limited for this shaving apron, it was made by hairdressing experts who gave a special feature to the design, the quality of the apron and its shape.


    Do you like to shave and color the hair of your clients? Don't stain your clothes and choose a barber apron designed for everyday hairdressing tasks!


    Gain self-confidence, become more efficient and gain style. The shaving apron for the barber is like the Yeezy for Kanye West, inseparable.

    The color black has been the reference color for luxury for centuries. The apron is elegant and classic. Sobriety will always pay for eccentricity, do you agree?


    Do you want to know the benefits of the Shaving Apron?



    • 1 shaving apron designed by hairdressing and styling specialists
    • Her classic style! We love this barber apron
    • Its colors: Black with brown handles
    • Adjustable: You tie a knot at the lower back to keep it tight
    • Comfortable: Nothing is more pleasant than a quality apron
    • sophisticated hairdressing apron with its many pockets
    • Protection of the hairdressing profession: Avoid possible stains from customers or coloring
    • Perfect for barbers, hairdressers or hairdressing apprentices.

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