badger shaving kit

badger shaving kit

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    Know someone who needs a shaving kit? Are you looking to offer a useful gift for a man?

    The badger shaving kit IDEAL to offer to a man

    kit de rasage blaireau



    Shaving equipment for men who are used to shaving. A moment of absolute relaxation with a quality shaving brush. Store the shaving brush with the holder adapted to the shaving brush as well as the design bowl.

    Ideal for regular shaves, frequent travelers and as a gift for a birthday or Christmas.


    • 1 Shaving brush: Brush shaving foam
    • 1 Shaving Bowl
    • 1 shaving brush holder
    • 1 Shaving soap
    • Badger kit

    kit de rasage, blaireau de rasage

    ➔ Shaving kit with badger is frequently used in France and the United States by barbers in barber shops or hair salons

    Shaving tool: Shaving brush + shaving stand + shaving brush cup and beard soap!

    ➔ Shaving brush with100% natural hair, Ash wood

    Shaving stand 100% stainless steel

    ➔ Suitable for all types of beard hair: Short or long beard, thick or thin, this kit is made for you!

    ➔ Easily transportable: Take it everywhere with you thanks to its compact design and integrated battery.

    ➔ SAVINGS guaranteed: A kit of this quality is extremely sought after, save money with this unique shaving packaging offer!

    ➔ The perfect GIFT for bearded men and those to become.