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    Looking for a barber cape? Combine the vintage style while protecting the client or your friend from the hair? Are you a barber or just a regular hair cutter?

    Check out this gorgeous Cape Barber Shop™! Perfect and comfortable during a hairdressing session, this hairdressing smock protects and thus creates a barrier between the clothes of the client or your friends and the cut hair.


    Cape Barber shop


    We love this hairdressing cape available in 2 different colors.

    Technical specifications:

    • 1 cutting cape
    • Color: Black or Green
    • Style: Vintage
    • Decoration: vertical stripes
    • Metal buckle
    • Sealing

    Cape barber shop c est quoi

    • Ease of use: Put on the cutting cap
    • directly
    • Solid: It does not fall easily
    • Neat stitching
    • Comfortable: Quality fabric and the texture is soft
    • Breathable and antistatic
    • Hair does not stick to the barber cape
    • Protection of clothing: secure hold of clothing
    • Remains intact after washing

    Its closing system facilitates the use of this cape. How to use ? It is the simplest task for the hairdressing craft, just put it around your neck.

    During the hairdressing session, leave the blouse on the person having the haircut. The fabric will protect the person's clothing. Gently remove the cutting cape when you are done styling.


    The specifics :

    • Creates an impenetrable barrier to beard, mustache or hair growth.
    • It is therefore an essential tool for barbers and hairdressers.
    • A powerful hairdressing tool which is both a help in terms of hygiene, but also in terms of style!
    • The barber's cape is enjoying growing success due to the increased reputation of barbershops. The hairstyle trend is booming. Customers flocked and the barber shop added a touch of style in terms of clothing such as aprons and hairdressing equipment.