Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Find serenity and self-confidence thanks to a natural hair wig. Realism, comfort and lightness: they have all the assets you need to regain your quality of life during the loss hair.

Lacewig Paris offers a great selection of Human Hair Wigs for you. For styling, a quick change of look, hair loss due to cancer treatment, age, or a medical condition like alopecia, our wigs for women will give you the confidence to shine and share your beauty with the world.

Women's Wig Natural Hair

Understanding your wig's natural hair and cap construction

The construction of the hair itself and the wig cap helps determine how realistic your wig looks on your head. Hand-sewn wigs are the most natural-looking wigs on the market. They closely resemble the way natural hair grows from your scalp and the hair density is similar to that of human hair.



natural hair wig

Natural Hair Wig

natural hair wig 

Manufacturing natural hair wig

On the other hand, human hair wigs are made from real human hair which is mostly donated from China and India. In many cases, religious customs in these countries require both men and women to shave their heads during spiritual rituals. The hair then goes through a process of cleaning, sanitizing and inspection before being styled into a beautiful, natural wig.Human hair wigs have a longer lifespan and can be cut to style, colored, bleached and heat styled as desired. These wigs feature a more natural lay and flow than synthetic wigs.

With proper care, they can last for several months. There are many natural afro hair and kinky wigs available in human hair or human hair blend on the market today.

natural hair wig women

What is the price of a natural hair wig?

To know the prices of a wig made of natural hair, it will depend on:

  • Density
  • The length
  • The color
  • Provenance
  • From physical store or online

Lacewig paris natural hair wig

We choose to wear wigs for a variety of reasons. Simply having the ability to change your style at any time, because our scalp or health condition may have led to thinning or hair loss.

Wigs allow for quick versatility and are great options for quickly changing up your look.

Wearing a natural hair wig gives us versatility in style, length, and color options. Stars like Wejdene, Nicki Minaj or others have understood the power of wigs.

Whatever your decision to explore natural hair wigs, choosing the right one can get frustrating, especially for those who are new to wearing wigs. Wearing wigs is often the first choice as a protective styling option because it allows your hair to break from daily styling and handling.

How to take care of your natural hair while wearing your wig?

You should always take care and maintain your natural hair while wearing natural wigs. Continue to follow a healthy hair care regimen to avoid dandruff, dry flaky scalp and breakage due to lack of moisture.

  • Condition your hair regularly and follow up with a deep conditioner.
  • Always wear a wig cap to prevent breakage due to friction or irritation of the wig cap.
  • Moisturize your scalp often and give your scalp time to breathe between wearing your natural hair wigs.

Wearing wigs can be protective, but they can also damage your hair if not worn properly or if your natural hair is let down.

How to maintain your natural wig?

The lifespan of your new natural wig will be determined by your ability to maintain it. Human hair wigs are easier to care for and can be washed and conditioned to maintain their appearance. Synthetic hair has a shorter lifespan.

Choosing a human hair wig depends on the type of wig that will suit your needs, the texture and length you desire, and the overall wearability of the wig.

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