African braid hairstyles

African braid hairstyles

African braid hairstyles

locks for African braids allow you to makeoriginal African braids with lengths of all kinds and the color of your choice, so it is often difficult to make a choice. In this article, we suggest you see the multiple hairstyles that you can do with locks for African braids to help you see the desired result.

natural African braid

mèche naturel pour tresse africaine

For the best quality, opt for natural wicks for your African braids. The life of your wicks will be longer.

African braid with wick

african braid with wick

Originality combined with simplicity, choose blue locks to match the tone!

wick for African braid

mèches pour tresse africaine

coiffure africaine tresse meche

Colored highlights are the ideal way to stand out, whether it's layered or not, there's something for everyone!

African hair braid


Blonde highlights for an African braid to change your look