Japanese hairdressing scissors - Pair

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    Are you looking for a pair of scissors ultra efficient, precise and ergonomic?

    If there is one essential hairdressing tool for barber shops in Paris, it is Japanese hairdressing scissors.

    Barber shop ciseau coiffure barbier

    Are you a barber, hairdresser or private individual?

    Here is the Japanese Hairdressing Scissors ™!

    Save time for your work with itspreciseand sharp blades! The grip is suitable for beginners and for hairdressing professionals.



    • Professional hairdressing scissors
    • Japanese ergonomic scissors
    • Size: 5.5 and 6 inches
    • Hand: right
    • Sharp Blade
    • Colour: grey



    This set of Japanese scissors are crafted by hairdressing experts for precise cuts

    • Quality scissors for hairdressing, hair refreshment, styling.
    • Scissors for professionals
    • Suitable for beginners, lovers of new trendy hairstyles!
    • Perfect gift to offer: offer it to a loved one who is a hairdresser, who likes to take care of their face and hairstyle.
    • Quality of hairdressing equipment: lifespan of the equipment.


    Ciseaux de coiffure japonais informations


    The scissorssculptors, serrated scissors, in other words thinning scissors, are scissors made up of a sharp blade and a blade with teeth.

    ciseau désépaississant barber

    ✅ They cut around 15%, it all depends on your hair, the humidity.

    ➱ Their primary role is to thin out, thus cutting the density. They therefore do not allow to shorten, but to remove the mass.

    ➱ Japanese scissors can also remove any lines on a man's haircut used for fade-outs, which are totally at fashion and used in fashion design.

    "Cut the ends", Advice from the experts Lace Wig Paris.