Beard Bib

Beard Bib

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    Beard Bib Description

    Are you looking for a Beard Bib?

    Are you tired of always having to clean your hair after shaving? After relaxing, there are still hairs all over the sink in the bathroom!

    We understand you! There is a great solution.

    Discover the wonderful Beard Bib! You will save a lot of time.

    "Gone are the times when you put lots of hairs in the siphon,

    Gone are the times I had to unscrew the sink stopper,

    Now I have my anti-hair beard bib!"

    Beard Bib

    Beard Grooming Equipment Details:

    • 1 Beard Bib
    • 2 plastic suction hooks
    • Strong Velcro to hang the back part
    • Size: 19 x 30 x 47 pouces
    • Black color


    The advantages of the Shaving Apron:

    • Waterproofing and simple practicality
    • Take up no space
    • Easy to clean
    • Thick, comfortable to wear
    • Non-stick hair - antistatic
    • Protects clothes from soiling
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Fine craftsmanship


    The Beard Bib, your bathroom's best friend

    How to use the Beard Bib: 3 simple steps

    Pure ease of use. Discover the 3 steps to put on this Beard Bib:

    1. Attach the two suction cups at shoulder height
    2. Put on the shaving apron
    3. Attach your scratches at the neck
    4. Finished cutting? Peel off the 2 suction cups
    5. Discard pre-cut hair



    Very easy to maintain, this beard bib has been designed to withstand all situations. The final word.. It does not take up space which adds excellent practicality.